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textile sales management software
Zari MFG
Increase your business efficiency, by digitizing paper-based production records and processes into textile ERP software.
Yarn Texturisers
Keep track of procured raw materials and products by assigning them with lots and serial numbers, and monitor inventory surpluses or shortages using the ERP software for textile industry.
Textile Traders
Maximize profits by instantly access to all your accounting-related information including outstanding invoices, sales, and purchase orders using ERP for textile industry
Yarn Dyeing
Automatize the paperwork and manage critical areas including financing, inventory, logistics, and so on to eliminate the downturn in production using ERP software for textile industries.

You no longer need to maintain large paperwork

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You don’t need to sit at your office to do the work

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You will no longer miss out on any essential task

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We’ll help you achieve your business & management goal.

This is the future of work

  • Finest Customer Relationship Management
  • Optimize Sales And Purchase Management
  • Advanced Business Intelligence
  • Auto-Remainder
  • To-Do -List
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Mobile Based ERP
Finest Customer Relationship Management
Finest Customer Relationship Management

Find new customers, track your customer details, manage sales leads, create live notifications, and pop up for calls with our String ERP.

Customer Relationship Management
Optimize Sales And Purchase Management
Optimize Sales And Purchase Management

Record purchase orders, sales orders, and other details with a single touch on the screen and closely monitor your sales and purchase departments, all with sales management software.

Sales And Purchase Management software
Advanced Business Intelligence
Advanced Business Intelligence

Increase productivity and business revenues with the advanced business intelligence on String ERP software. This system used advanced technology and innovative designs to create periodic machine-wise production reports, wastage reports, and sales orders with estimated profit for each.

Business Management software.

Create personalized auto-remainders to receive messages and calls that notify you about your client’s current status, sales lead, and pending or ongoing tasks with String ERP.

Billing and Invoicing Software
To-Do -List
To-Do -List

Create a To-Do-List of your definite goals, responsibilities, and projects to manage your textile management system effectively and efficiently with String ERP.

Task management textile erp software
Whatsapp Integration
Whatsapp Integration

Integrate your textile ERP software with your Whatsapp account to convert your sales leads and experience live communication immediately and effectively.

Whatsapp Integration in erp software
Mobile Based ERP
Mobile Based ERP

Mobile-based String ERP facilitates the users to manage their sales orders, purchase orders,  invoices, commissions, and expenses information from the mobile app.

Mobile Based Textile ERP software
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Built For

  • Accountant
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturing
Accounting software for Textile
Streamline Data Entry Recordings

Data recording has never been easier. With String ERP accounting software, you can streamline your data recording process with speed and precision, thereby considerably enhancing data accuracy and consistency.

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client management software
Convert Sales Lead Into Revenue With A Few Mouse Clicks

Find new customers, convert sales leads, generate revenues with greater speed, enable WhatsApp sales order confirmation automation, track the product cost, and maintain strong and consistent communication with your clients with a fully integrated client management software at your fingertips.

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Business Management software.
Make Smarter And Faster Decisions With Real-Time Insights

Manage all your business responsibilities efficiently with real-time information, so that you never get delayed in taking important business decisions and keep the quality flawless in a cost-effective way with String ERP Business Management software.

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purchase management software.
Access To Real-Time Status of Inventory From Anywhere And At Any Time

Access to real-time status of stock in hand, streamline the procurement of required raw materials at a low cost and properly allocate stock to the manufacturer and sales team to timely fulfil an order with a touch on the screen using String ERP purchase management software.

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textile manufacturing software
Increase Productivity And Boost Revenues

With an integrated textile manufacturing software, you can manage all the aspects of your manufacturing business efficiently, increase sales, cut costs, and make fast and smart buying and selling decisions to boost business revenues.

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Our customers are our biggest fans

The String ERP helps us to control and serve each customer successfully which keeps us ahead in the competitive environment. The software is fully capable to cater the needs of the textile industry and would provide benefits to small and large business enterprises. I, Jignesh Siddhapara from D & V Enterprise, using its reliable and advanced features to save time and reduce paperwork.

Jignesh Siddhapara D&V Enterprise

We have been using the String ERP for the last few months and are more than satisfied. I, Piyush Jivani from Prayag Filaments, happy to say that software provides a good return on investment. It helps us to streamline the textile business activities by getting access to a lot of information on a single platform. It helps us to manage our resources more efficiently and increase business profits.

Piyush Jivani Prayag Filaments

We were a bit apprehensive but the experience was amazing after adopting the String ERP textile software into our system. I, Jignesh Kunjadiya from Ganesh Zari, find it user-friendly and the simple features make it so convenient to use. It helps to manage and coordinate activities quite efficiently starting from purchase, operations, accounting, and customer service.

Jignesh Kunjadiya Ganesh Zari